Design Process

My process

Whether you are looking to design a website or have other digital content produced, the process that I use ensures an effective experience along the way. My 7-step process is outlined below and will give you a preview of what to expect if you choose to work with me. I look forward to hearing from you.

Planning Meeting 1. Initial planning meeting

To start, I hold an in-person meeting or phone conversation to discuss your expectations. In this step, we define the goal that you are trying to achieve, and what assets need to be created in order to provide a solution. Having everything defined at the beginning creates a solid foundation for us to create a great solution.

Design Mockups 2. Design Mockups

Based on the information gathered in the initial planning meeting, I will start to create mockups of what the assets could look like. Usually, I will provide 2-3 different mockups, so that you can look through a variety of concepts.

Review 3. Review Mockups

Once the mockups have been completed, you will have the opportunity to choose which concepts work best to provide the perfect solution for your business. Feedback on the mockups will be collected, and I will make modifications until you are satisfied with the design.

Code 4. Develop content

Upon completion of the design, I will begin developing the content. If you are looking for a website, this means that code development will begin. If you are interested in something like a logo or other digital content, I will begin creating variations of the design for use in different situations (we would have decided what assets would be needed in the planning meeting).

Review 5. Review developed content

In this step, you would review the content developed, and provide feedback about any modifications that you would require. We would continue to go back and forth until the solutions devloped are what you are looking for to achieve the originally determined goal.

Testing 6. Test

Testing is an essential step to ensure that everything that I will be handing off to you, will be of the highest quality. If there is any text content created, it will be proof read by a 3rd party that I provide, and recommendations will be made if anything is found. If there is any code-based content, the code will be tested on a variety of devices.

Release 7. Release

Finally, at this step, we are ready to release our solution into the world. Going forward, we would repeat this process to acheive any additional goals.